Android platform in lost opportunities

Concerned about the android platform has been 2 years. Originally from the j2ee platform, in turn, perturbed when the heart is still, after the first android development will worry about how. Also in the choice of that moment is hesitant whether to turn iphone. At that time the appstore has been successful, as a java developer, that was only after a moment hesitation, turned to the android.

Android market opportunity lost

Just the beginning, android market only has a relatively small number of applications. Remember when I spent $ 25, registered a market of permits, and released the first version of the chinahotel. Just release is full of expectations, they can already think of a lot a lot of money flowing into their pockets, because I believe that even if the android is only one-tenth of appstore strong, I can get a satisfactory income. In fact, three days later, $ 0.99 U.S. dollars to maintain each of the software is still downloaded to 0. Very frustrating, it seems I did not expect it, therefore compelled made the free software, almost gave up its interest and update, I know a few months chinahotel has about over a thousand downloads. But no actual earnings, there is no interest to continue.
Later, some foreign friends to know, and then gradually made some small projects, Pocket Poetry for local, Pocket Potry Online, Yahoo Answer and so on. More or less counted on chinahotel relations, but also counted on the free return of another way.

Now think about it, if I can continue to make good software on the market, then the result is what will happen? Maybe I can get some I would like to think of the opportunity, unfortunately I gave up, and when I wake up, find the software on the market already looking through the number, the date I have lost the opportunity.

MMarket lost opportunity

MM is itself like a good opportunity for development in the country, had the first batch to get LGGW880 testing machine. MM has only just begun, hold back any longer my delight, the chinahotel transplanted directly in the past, felt very happy because another friend had made little success in the above, and has developed award, crossed the line a series of preferential policies, etc. Award . Also developed 5 series of small software HappyTheme series theme, the station released before the New Year check TrianQuery product, full of expectations. It is the collapse happened, most of the software in a long time, China Mobile fell below pre-test, cumbersome application to declare the document, cumbersome test, tedious preparation before the commercial. Only a little time, MM number of applications has been greatly looking through. Have to say, I lost another good opportunity.

Before this, I have never had the opportunity summarize the pros and cons of the real reason, but I deeply know that a large number of projects and did not make real work, is merely the accumulation of technical experience, and perhaps also from the road works are distant, can only say that road is long Come, happiness of the up and down the quest.

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