android in xml parsing

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android in sax xml parsing and analysis is divided into the Dom parsing. DOM parser is parsing through the XML document into a tree model and put it into memory to complete the analytical work, then the operation of the document in the tree model is completed. The document tree in memory will be several times the actual size of the document. The merit of this structure is clear, easy to operate, but the trouble is the most expensive system resources. The SAX DOM just to overcome the shortcomings, analysis can begin immediately rather than waiting for all data are processed. And, because the application reads the data only at the check data, so no data is stored in memory, this is for large documents is a huge advantage. In fact, the application even without parsing the entire document; it can stop when a condition is met resolve.

This depends on the needs of your project, if only to read, then select, sax. If you need to modify, delete, then select the DOM. DOM changes, adding speed, but the memory large. For the time being have not found a better xml parsing packages third-party
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