Android APK decompile

One. Decompile Apk get Java source code

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Tools Download: required to dex2jar and JD-GUI tools that 2

dex2jar Download:
JD-GUI Download:
windows version of JD-GUI:
Linux version of JD-GUI:


1. First, find the Android software installation package classes.dex
To. Apk file renamed. Zip, then unzip the file by one of the classes.dex, it is java file is compiled and then packaged by dx tool, so now we use the above mentioned two tools to reverse the direction of export java source files

2. The classes.dex copy dex2jar.bat directory.
Location at the command line mode to dex2jar.bat directory, run dex2jar.bat classes.dex, generate classes.dex.dex2jar.jar

3. Run JD-GUI tool (which is green not installed)
Open the top of the jar file, you can see the source code

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

II. Apk decompile the source code generator and images, XML configuration, language resources and other documents.

Reprinted from:

Tools Download:

In download, apktool-1.0.0.tar.bz2 and to be under two packages.


1. Extract the downloaded package the two files, get the bag unzipped a aapt.exe and apktool.bat. (Note that should apktool-1.0.0.tar . bz2 unzip a. jar file copy in)

2. Open a command window (Start> Run, type cmd, press enter.) Apktool.bat files into the folder.


apktool d C: \ ***. apk C: \ *** folder

(Command line interpreter: apktool d decompile the files to output folder)

Special Note: You have to decompile the file must be on the C drive's root directory,

3. Open the C: \ *** folder, you can get all the resources of our college.

III. The anti-compiled package into the apk file to re-

Very simple, just type:

apktood bc: *** folder (you compiled folder)

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