Amorphous low temperature curing durable cotton clothing order


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  • Used the acetic acid method of low temperature bleaching of cotton fabric 2010-02-16

    Keyword: Used the acetic acid method of low temperature bleaching of cotton fabric cotton at 30 ℃, liquid bleach by adding 2,2 '- bipyridine and sodium dodecyl sulfate method, used acetic acid bleaching, the best pH 7 . Of cotton of ferrous ions from

  • Low temperature plasma treatment on desizing of cotton fabric base 2010-02-14

    Sen Chen, Chen Ying (Beijing Institute of Clothing Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing 100029) O Introduction of Plasma Technology in Textile Industry has been growing public attention. At present, applied to textile materials, mainly low temp

  • Mechanism of low temperature bleaching agent and the application in cotton stretch Cheese 2010-02-14

    Keywords: yam dyeing, bleaching agent at low temperature, low temperature scouring and bleaching process Textile Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Rui Qi Qian Qian Fang Xian Nightlife bleaching and dyeing factory in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Zhizhong Wang Xiaojuan

  • Cotton knitted fabric characteristics of low temperature pre-treatment 2010-02-16

    Keyword: Cotton knitted fabric characteristics of low temperature pre-treatment before the treatment is the basis for the process of dyeing and finishing processes of production, its main purpose is to remove all impurities in fabrics to improve fabr

  • Cotton knitted fabric pre-treatment process at low temperature 2010-02-16

    Keyword: Cotton knitted cotton low temperature pre-treatment process required of traditional high-temperature pre-treatment process. Alkaline conditions. Low temperature pre-treatment, including enzyme scouring and bleaching temperature achieved at l

  • Cotton / Nepal seamless underwear low temperature dyeing of reactive dyes 2010-02-18

    Keywords: Cotton / Nepal seamless underwear reactive dyeing temperature of 40 degrees, has been that the color fastness is not good, it has not been used in recent years, Shanghai Anno launched its low temperature of 40 degree L-reactive dyeing of co

  • Low temperature dyeing of polyester washable disperse dyes 2010-02-18

    Keywords: disperse dyes, polyester dyeing Switzerland Bezema company performance disperse dyes have been 7 years. Such washing, color fastness of dyes is particularly suitable for high grade polyester dyeing. With continued research and development,

  • Low temperature plastisol ink 2010-06-25

    Ningbobangni Printing Materials Co., Ltd., is a research and development, production, sales and service for the integrated enterprise. Main products: low temperature plastisol ink series, water-based printing plate materials such as pulp series. "Bon

  • Pearl fiber H202/TAED low temperature activation of bleaching process 2010-02-16

    LI Jin Yang, Pan Jianjun, Xia Pu, Min Jie (Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Ecological Textile, Donghua University, College of Chemistry and Chemical and Biological Engineering, Shanghai 201620) O foreword by the Donghua University and Shangha

  • Low temperature plasma dry ashing the role of desizing 2010-02-16

    Keyword: Before processing a lot of water as processing media, which is a large number of textile wastewater pre-treatment produced the most fundamental reasons. Pre-treatment process to solve the problem of water pollution, water or less water pre-t

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