AIR on the Linux platform support for certificate authentication [Translation]

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Original: Certificate Support in AIR for Linux

In an earlier article describes how to use TLS on the AIR applications on Windows and the Mac platform, client authentication . Arlen asked how the reader on a Linux platform, the same work, unfortunately, TLS client authentication does not support Linux-AIR applications.

Primary reason is that, Linux Unlike Windows and Mac, Linux does not have a world standard and easy to access storage platform certification. The AIR gets himself bound and certification of storage platforms. (See " How do Certificate Stores in Adobe AIR Linux 1.5 work? " ). Other Linux applications are basically alike. Even if the client has support for authentication, but for AIR applications compared to other Linux applications have been configured independently, so that AIR applications can not do Windows and the Mac's ease of use.

The second reason is that Linux does not have a standard and easy access to support TLS client authentication of HTTP stack. Instead of all Linux applications and their implementation phase must be binding. Of course, this reason does not make AIR on Linux support for TLS impossible. This means that if they support TLS, but it will take a huge project investment.

So far, it is that we can not put two questions for TLS client authentication this feature added to the AIR in the Linux platform. If you think this function in the Linux platform is necessary, can go to the Adobe AIR Ideas site for a vote.
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