Adobe AIR Openscreen sail

Late last year, have a meal in and 7Yue talk to Flash, the history, he talked about Flash since its inception, there have been two revolutionary leap in time was the emergence of the mid-animation, What is emerging in 2000 Flash Video, these two technology revolution have brought about the rapid development of RIA in the field, but also to determine the flash's position of leadership in the RIA field. However, it's a common question is the next 5-10 years will be the third technological revolution, what is it? Some of the discussion is again AVM innovation, indeed, Adobe in the cattle were all together, for they will in the near future, it will bring a qualitative leap in the possibility of AVM I do not do the slightest doubt, however, in my mind, I think in terms of size and influence to qualify as a revolutionary strategy also Open Screen.

Adobe initially proposed Open Screen strategy in 2008, now More than hundreds of leaders in all fields to join the scheme, including the chip leader, operators, equipment manufacturers, content creators. . . So, what is the Open Screen then? I usually like to work desktop, notepad, itouch set to the same desktop background, garish look very similar to the following figure, who often jokes that this is OpenScreen. Of course, this is false, simply, OpenScreen is to bring Flash technology seamlessly from the personal computer is extended to all the terminals up, the difficulty and complexity to exceed by FLASH PLAYER across all major operating systems, browser.

Adobe AIR Openscreen sail

Please note, OpenScreen's strategy is very forward-looking.

The present era, with the computing, storage, communications, technology development, the concept of cloud has been the major companies to make their own interpretations and implementation, such as providing network storage resources (Amazon), distributed computing, software development (Google apps), etc. and so on. Some voices even very exaggeration to say that all the clouds in the sky "pure cloud" of the times, people will become increasingly dependent on the terminal small, wherever you go, plug in a USB you will need the network cloud (application) it coming. . . This argument is represented by Dr. Zhang Yaqin who had been granted that "from the" side "full to" cloud "is very naive" model of future development will be a cloud coexistence, "only through the cloud + client, interaction to maximize the use of cloud cloud features to achieve the best user experience. "specific points of reference Ya-Qin Zhang blog .

What is the so-called end of it? On the current market to see, end device innovation is changing. Apple has just launched in April on IPhone OS's IPad, HP Win 7 OS on the HP Slate, based Android built WePad , rumors of Google TV STB, variety of strong performance (speeds up to 1.2G, reference February WMC) smartphone. . . And, as communication technology (3G mobile), popularity, display technology breakthrough - "to support flexible materials and high-definition display OLED (organic small molecule light emitting display telephone) and PLED (polymer organic light emitting display call) is expected in the next 5 to 10 years to become mainstream, the main difference between the two is the light-emitting materials and manufacturing processes, the former more suitable for mobile phone, electronic reading devices such as small-screen equipment, which can be Pubian for less demanding on the show Xiaoguo present the content of large-screen - Perhaps one day, your room's walls and windows are based PLED technology giant display "terminals in our lives will be like in the movies to see Avatar as Ling Lang everywhere, various terminal equipment will be applied to different work-life scenarios will have different human-computer interaction (similar to the multi-touch This interaction is a simple start), on the application of these devices will be responsible from the "cloud" or local extract data services, computing, then the richest user experience presented to the user.

Well, then, for the development of the application of these terminal devices, what is a good development solution? This is the significance of the FLASH OPENSCREEN. Using FLASH technology, programmers can easily develop a rich experience in the desktop application, through small changes (or not need to change), we can build a run out in a variety of end applications, this will greatly improve your production efficiency. Adobe AIR, if the other platform product line of products, has been a big step towards this goal, and two days before product group a colleague Christian Cantrell Bowen in his secondary school mentioned above an application, the five-screen , highly recommended everyone to see, this blog has been quoted by many sites, this is based AIR application level, a milestone in the development, Adobe AIR Openscreen officially set sail, we held a goal to buy a step!

A few years ago also stressed the FLASH / AIR's (animation, rendering, video, desktop integration) edge to facilitate the application of constructed Rich, now when talking about these products, office these advantages, we emphasize that in all The device's ability to build applications out of RDA, one of the most rapid and effective implementation of the idea to all devices on the solution is clear, Adobe leap ahead of schedule than the other competitors had. Future competition is fierce, product quality will be a key factor in determining success or failure, and this is our team's mission, we will continue to AIR has better features, performance, user experience and efforts! Perhaps the future is the use of cloud + client + AIR pattern.

This year will launch AIR 2.0 Desktop Edition, AIR IPhone application development package, AIR Droid (Android) development kit, you can refer to the release of information, welcome comments / suggestions!

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