Adobe AIR Developer Toolbox: Resources and Guide

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What is AIR and how to entry

Air is a cross-operating system runtime environment. Can use existing technologies such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax to create rich client applications, and deploy it as a desktop application. The operating environment is the WEB as a traditional user experience and complexity of the desktop user experience of a bridge.

air added to the desktop browser integration, access to local data, embedded database for desktop-to-use and cross-operating system API functions. In other words, adobe air so that web developers to write cross-operating system desktop programs. Therefore, you can use html, js and flash to develop procedures for the desktop. This application to end-users see is a separate package, and use a WebKit HTML engine out.

The only requirement is that users need to install adobe air runtime environment. In fact, adobe air is already very popular, and downloaded more than 1 billion, and Adobe AIR Market Place in about 470 carefully selected applications.

Adobe AIR sdk

First of all, to download a runtime environment, the latest the following address: , It is necessary to pay attention to selecting and operating system. If the development of air procedures, but also need to install the sdk. Kit following address: Mac OS X (22.1 Mb), Windows (15.8 Mb) and Linux

The official Adobe AIR resources

The following is the official resources to facilitate development.

Adobe AIR help, support, forums

Adobe AIR development tools and reference

Can use any IDE and text editor to write AIR applications. Can use the free Adobe AIR SDK tools to package AIR applications have been written.

Aptana Studio

This is a free open source AJAX development support for the IDE. Provided, such as, Javascript debugging, full HTML / CSS / JS grammar tips, support and integration of a number of FTP example. It also provides plug-AIR, the Web development environment, as well as the development of AIR applications, operation and export integrated together.

Adobe Flex Builder 3

This is the official charging instrument is based on the eclipse. To support the FLEX and AIR application development. Development characteristics of the user drag and drop components.

De MonsterDebugger

Is a flash, flex, AIR's debug tool, using the FLEX + AIR development.

Adobe AIR Extensions for Dreamweaver

Additional components Dreamweaver. Can be directly packaged and preview AIR program. Web can be used as a way to write desktop applications.


ScaleNine For adobe designers and developers to provide a great deal of inspiration and resources. This site provides a lot of FLEX and AIR and skin template.

JavaScript Language Reference for Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR with a Javascript reference.

Adobe AIR Cheat Sheets

Adobe AIR Javascript Guide

This book quickly introduces Adobe AIR applications. Adobe AIR allows you to have a general understanding. Demonstration of how to set up development environment, as well as to discuss the basis for Adobe AIR and the API. When you read this book, you learn how to use adobe AIR, as well as HTML and Javascript to develop AIR applications.

AIR Cheatsheet

Is a quick reference. Can print out as a manual.

Understand the potential of Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR is a lot of resources, but most of them are for the purposes of developers. Little for the designer. This book is for the president, the project manager and other designers prepared. And explains how to use AIR to create a new generation of web experience.

Adobe AIR free sample

Download Free AIR application for entry of much help

AIR Examples

A large number of free example of Adobe AIR, you can download and use free of charge. Similarly there are many examples of FLEX and ACTIONSCRIPT.

Adobe AIR in the LINUX environment sample application

AIR in the basic application under LINUX.

6 must-see Adobe AIR sample applications

They can Twitter Desktop , Kuler Desktop , Fresh , Finetune Desktop , DiggTop and SearchCoders Found.

Kevin Hoyt - JavaScript AIR Samples Updated (and more)

Collection of 75 excellent applications JAVASCRIPT AIR.

Beginners Guide to Adobe AIR

Introduction Adobe AIR

This guide describes how to use HTML / JS to create a simple AIR application.

The creation of the first Adobe AIR application

Guide you step by step setup AIR development environment, and to explain the dependence of the document and the AIR sandbox security model. The most out of this tutorial is to use the local color of the AIR API to save data.

AIR 101

In order to run AIR, HTML, or SWF applications need a XML document, also known as application description file. You can let the XML document that is the AIR application file. AIR initialization time to open and read it. It set up the properties on the application. If the window name and size. Containers are also designated AIR which read HTML or SWF file.

AIR beginners guide: release an application

Can learn how to publish a program.

Five minutes to learn how to use Javascript and AJAX to create a program list

In this guide, teach you how to create a desktop application based on the WEB.

Introduced under the AIR in Linux

Introduced under the LINUX install AIR to run and use.

Adobe AIR Guide

With Aptana and AIR to create desktop programs

ExtJs is an excellent desktop to create a similar framework for the operation of WEB applications. But I want it to run on the desktop how do? AIR let this become a reality.

ADOBE AIR introduction of SQLite

AIR introduced in the SQLite, SQLite contact management, SQLite package type, SQLite Editor, SQLite Youtube database.

AIR using SQL

AIR provides a realization of SQLite database. You can create a table, view, add, update and query. API in package. If interested in the application of SQL in AIR, you can see.

Create an AIR in the browser and the FLASH Application

Introduced the model used to create a factory in the WEB and AIR can be run in the process

To achieve with drag and drop an image browser

Using drag-and-drop to achieve a picture AIR applications browser.

AIR move in and change the size of WINDOW

This tutorial teach you how to use Actionscript to move and change the size of window controls.

AIR applications to set the associated files

AIR can be associated in any file types. Means that you can use AIR to open any file types. This feature allows you to use the AIR file associated to open.

AIR to operate with the clipboard

AIR can use the operating system's clipboard.

Guide to Adobe AIR and FLASH

AIR and the database used to create a local address book.

Used to create a AIR application FLEX

This guide you can learn how to use FLEX to create AIR applications.

Adobe AIR and Flex - Getting Started

In short, this course is to help you run and the creation of AIR procedures, need some basic knowledge of FLEX.

Part 1, to create Notes applications
Part 2, the creation of customer management applications

These two examples of relatively long and in-depth content, but can accelerate the learning speed of the AIR.

Create a data-driven applications

SQLite is very fast, lightweight, very suitable for the client database engine. This tutorial tell you how to use SQLite to create a data-driven components of the application.

WebSnapshot - A sample AIR applications

25 excellent and useful resources and tutorials AIR

These tutorial is ideal for novice and professional developers

The Tech Labs

A large number of AIR, FLEX, FLASH tutorials blog.

Video Tutorial Adobe AIR

Camera, PNGs and AIR

A camera and saved on the camera picture of the course

Drag and Drop in AIR

Teach you how to drag and drop files to AIR applications

FLASH in the development of AIR in the application of

FLASH CS3 in developing AIR applications

AIR entry under Linux

LINUX under some basic knowledge AIR

Air install AIR SDK

FLEX embedded in the browser

Introduction AIR

Cool is the Adobe AIR application

Kuler Desktop - Show search Color Template

Spaz - Twitter client

ReadAir - Apple skin Very fancy RSS client


Twitter client

Digg Reader software to read the headlines


The software can run GMAIL, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Maps.

Snoto Photo

Image Viewer

Font Picker

View system fonts


WordPress plug-ins

More resources

101 Adobe AIR Resources


AIR examples and resources
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