Abroad in 2008 the best Web design / development techniques. Script and resource summary

Today is the last day of 2008, Bin Go for the U.S. offer this year's final feast, this article will summarize U.S. foreign countries in 2008 some good front-end development-related tutorials, tips, scripts, examples and tools, resources, etc. Have some are once-Bin Go Translations published article. It is necessary to digest a long time rich ... Whether you are just getting started rookie front-end development, or have many years experience of front-end development of a master, I believe that following these logs will always have what you need!

Tools & Web Application

13 may make you say "Thank You" the essential open-source application

14 free tools let you know why people give up visiting your site

40 + CSS Generator

74 we may have forgotten the fit of the great web designers Web Application

50 + can improve your website speed and performance of skills and resources

15 can monitor website popularity tools

20 free SEO website analysis tools (Has been translated into Chinese)

11 can even be a powerful alternative to the standard application Firefox3 Extensions

10 you should at least know a free photo management software

Engineer as a Web front-end development of the appreciation should go to 15 do

15 front-end development / web designers required Bookmarklet (Has been translated into Chinese)

20 great PHP development framework

66 Learn basic web design links

Web Development Toolbox: 120 + Web to develop new tools

Scripts, patches and Hack

40 Great Free Ajax and JavaScipt code

Site due to all the top 15 key elements

PSD plans to convert the effect of HTML / CSS Tutorial 10

30 + JavaScript, Ajax & CSS tooltips script

50 + beautiful pure CSS-based navigation script

40 + the most popular wordpress tips and techniques , 30 + More

30 + allows you to eye-opener for the Web front-end development video tutorial

19 CSS Menu Tutorials to add your site more interesting

Selected 30 excellent CSS techniques and examples (Has been translated into Chinese)

34 + free communications (Email, etc.) using HTML templates

50 best Ajax Tutorial

12 kinds of Javascript to deal with common browser compatibility problems (Has been translated into Chinese)

15 helpful Web browser-based front-end development tools

75 (real) JavaScipt helpful technical

63 essential Wordpress Hack, tutorials, help files and manuals

Web design / development best use of the manual (19)

10 for Worpress useful RSS skills and Hack

20 magic script Javascipt prototype elements, Widgets, category ...

10 smart JavaScipt technology used to upgrade your UI interface

10 You have to know the great Ajax effects

35 easy-to-use Ajax / JavaScipt navigation solutions

Top 10 CSS buttons tutorial list

10 Free Chart Scripts


10 proficient in PHP Principle

6 easy ways to improve your HTML e-mail

Collate and CSS code optimization principle 7 (Has been translated into Chinese)

Keep your code clean and the 12 principles

10 to improve your programming skills Advanced PHP

Use CSS to add more interesting picture of the five kinds of methods (Has been translated into Chinese)

10 Optimization Tips

All sites should have elements of the 10 SEO

From 8 to highly inspirational speakers of the 10 network application skills

The preparation of a pleasure to look at the code of 7 kinds of methods

10 CSS shorthand techniques allow you to benefit Forever (Has been translated into Chinese)

10 Web Development Tips

15 must learn the skills of CSS

101 CSS technology - the first part of , Part II


20 Recommend site about usability and interface design of the site (Has been translated into Chinese)

Selected 31 sites interface design practice Tutorial (Has been translated into Chinese)

Become a Web design / development of the liberal professions to be followed by a 53-step (60 + Resources)

Ajax page the trend of research, what is the best Free Ajax Resources? (70 + Best Ajax Resources)

155 Wordpress Resources, tutorials, plug-in, subject, Ajax, Podcasting ... WP huge list

10 great examples of Ajax and Javascript resource site (Has been translated into Chinese)

Select the best design in 2008 material resources & inspiration (Has been translated into Chinese)

10 kinds of examples of JavaScript effects to make your site more attractive

Selected 15 foreign CSS framework (Has been translated into Chinese)

41 examples of the best Mootools Ajax download

20 recommend you study and proficient in CSS site (Has been translated into Chinese)

65 excellent jQuery Resources (tutorials, manuals, e-books, demo, plugins ...)

300 + Jquery, CSS, MooTools and JS navigation menu resources (Has been translated into Chinese)

Can be used to recommend 12 front-end development of a free text editor

Web page design required 10 sets of beautiful icon set (Has been translated into Chinese)


25 for web page design color palette generator resources

12 free online tools to help you creating and hosting your site

25 Web2.0 Generator

Plug-ins and themes

10 used to get more comments on the best plug-ins

Wordpress into a CMS system will be the 20 plug-ins

You will use at Wordpress theme or blog plug-ins 10

10 score and vote for Wordpress Plugin

30 really useful Wordpress plug-ins

You will sooner or later used 130 Wordpress plugin - the first part of -- Part II

18 to make your blog more professional Wordpress Plugin

7 Create your own CSS Gallery Wordpress theme

English Original: Best of 2008 for developers: 2008 + tips, tricks, scripts and sources!
Translation Original: Abroad in 2008 the best front-end development skills, scripts and resources summary (Storm Binbin)

The original set: Bin Go - Set the front-end development / web design / web site usability / user experience in one of the interesting Internet Living

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