About rails install mysql driver error problem

My local wamp server using one of the key package, only used mysql functions, today in the use of rake db: migrate when

First reported a month can not be implemented, the next inquiry and found no mysql installed a gem, to install gem install mysql implementation successfully gem. Then another error,

libmySQL.dll available to the system can not be found, the database can not import operation. Think of the circumstances, I can run the mysql ah. So to find the next line, found a solution.

Mysql installation directory in the bin directory, find ibmySQL.dll, the document to the Ruby installation directory Copy the bin directory. There's also a version of the problem. My databases are used in Mysql 5.0.41, each operation will be reported to the database "memory allocation error", no alternative but to use Mysql 5.0.37 of ibmySQL.dll documents, problem-solving.

Under this MARK to prepare for future emergencies

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