A simple usecase (Java2DDemo) of jvmstat3.0 (jps / jstat / visualgc)

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jvmstat 3.0 can monitor J2SE 5.0, J2SE 1.4.2 and J2SE 1.4.1 virtual machines,
jvmstat3.0 need JDK5.0 installed, for those cannot upgrade to JDK5.0, pls find the previous version in:
Reference [3]
Reference [4]
Actually you can find them in the jvmstat FAQ point 11.

1: Install and setup
For installation and setup problem pls refer to reference [1], the installation part.

2: Simple test
a) Test in local
For local test, here choose the Java2DDemo to demonstrate the usage of jps / jstat / visualgc

After the installation finished,
<1> Start the Java2DDemo swing java application
C: \> java-jar "C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.5.0_06 \ demo \ jfc \ Java2D \ Java2Demo.jar
<2> use jps to find the PID of the Java2DDemo, or you can find the PID in windows task manager.
C: \> jps
5964 Program
5596 Jps
there is always has the Jps process. here the 5964 is PID of the Java2DMemo java application
<3> get the GC status by jstat and pipeline to a file to PID 5964, with 1000ms intervals and 1000 times.
C: \> jstat-gcutil 5964 1000 1000>> c: \ gc.log
for the usage of jstat you can get help by jstat-help and jstat-options

<4> Visual monitor the GC with visualgc
C: \> visualgc 5964
You will see the UI ref <VisualGC PID output> below.

b) Test for remote

3: Problems
For any problems you can refers to [2] FAQ. Actually most of the problems can find the workaround there.

[1] http://java.sun.com/performance/jvmstat
[2] http://java.sun.com/performance/jvmstat/faq.html
[3] https: / / cds.sun.com / is-bin / INTERSHOP.enfinity / WFS / CDS-CDS_Developer-Site / en_US /-/ USD / ViewProductDetail-Start? ProductRef = JVMSTAT-1.0-GF @ CDS-CDS_Developer
[4] https: / / cds.sun.com / is-bin / INTERSHOP.enfinity / WFS / CDS-CDS_Developer-Site / en_US /-/ USD / ViewProductDetail-Start? ProductRef = JVMSTAT-2.0-GF @ CDS-CDS_Developer

VisualGC PID output:
A simple usecase (Java2DDemo) of jvmstat3.0 (jps / jstat / visualgc)

jstat-gcutil 5964 1000 10 output:
A simple usecase (Java2DDemo) of jvmstat3.0 (jps / jstat / visualgc)
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