A programmer needs to write documents

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In the last one " felt needs of writing - how the face of the document should have the mentality "in the face of a simple document on how to write, what state of mind to write the document. Here we continue to discuss how to write the document needs more place, and my place is not here to say that all in place, but the description on demand, as the whole place the document in the document after some discussion with you.
First of all, to understand the demand, then how to understand the demand, more important than joint communication, a lot of written documentation of the workers are mostly rose from programmer to document production, is relatively easy to make mistakes: a requirement to reflect in the brain can flew a specific situation, or thinking how to achieve go unconscious, etc., that are not desirable. Needs is to know our customers need to meet the requirements, then how do you know customers want? Ask, ask how specific, we further discussed in other articles, by asking, we will know what customers need, or what is the meaning of customers through our professional knowledge to help them sort out the customer's point of view can lead But do not add their own point of view of thinking, or it may be misleading or not, no need to increase the project cost.
By asking to know what customers need to do something, you'll need to consider how to use the document to achieve. Everyone has their own ideas framework document, in the right frame of mind can know all the information written into the initial demonstration of the details do not need to consider the format. The information in the mind after the show will be found out there are some rules or omission, or even themselves out details of the inconsistencies, these two sources: one is the client itself to do things on their own do not clear, only know what they want, but that do not know the details of their own to; another one is his understanding of the customer to the information is wrong. Based on the above two solutions to the problems can be a way to do so: First, consider a complete whole, in considering the redundancy of the text, then see what the reasons for inconsistencies. The after work to see whether you can re-order one that meets the normal logic of the text message. If you can once again be able to communicate with the customer to confirm, so if there are problems in communication and customer focused on problem-solving.
Sorting through this thinking, do be prepared to communicate, one customer did not have much time, and you see-saw and because of some problems of thinking are by themselves can solve, it will make customers more happy, Otherwise He would think you no good to think about their needs, while the attitude of your strength or compromised, the entire process always remember "you are not a programmer", only needs so you can be more accurate, you can understand the basic line customers.
These are some of the recent work experience, if any inappropriate or wrong place to study together and hope that we make progress, thank you!
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