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Python basic installation:

* Http://www.python.org/ Python official standard development kit and support the environment, but also Python's official website;
* Http://www.activestate.com/ integrated more useful to non-official version of the powerful plug-ins, in particular, a number of improvements for the Windows environment;

Python documentation:

* Http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/lib.html Python Library Reference.
* Http://www.byteofpython.info/ Tutorial can replace the use of a Chinese translation version of the entry book.
* Http://diveintopython.org/ a more comprehensive and accessible introduction to the book, the Chinese version translated the recent progress in a very timely for the 5.4 of the.
* Http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0008.html recommended the Python coding style.
* Http://doc.zoomquiet.org/ Python content, including a very comprehensive set of documents.

Common plug-in:

* Http://www.pfdubois.com/numpy/ Python's math library, and sometimes some other library which will call some of the features, such as what an array;
* Http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/ Python under the well-known image processing library Pil;
* Http://simpy.sourceforge.net/ Using Python for simulation, simulation solutions;
* Matplotlib is said to be two-dimensional graphics used to draw a Python module, which was cloned in a number of Matlab functions to help Python users to easily access high-quality (up to publishing standards) two-dimensional graphics;
* Http://www.amk.ca/python/code/crypto python extension module encryption and decryption;
* Http://cjkpython.i18n.org/ provide CJK language support python-related functions: transcoding to show the class.
* Psyco, Pyrex: Python code to run the two used to enhance the efficiency of the solution;
* Pyflakes, PyChecker, PyLint: are used for grammar checking tool for Python code.
* Http://wxpython.sourceforge.net/ wxWindows based on ease of use and powerful graphical interface development package wxPython;
* Http://www.pygame.org/ help develop the game with a Python library, you can also use this to play any video or audio, and probably rely on SDL;
* Http://starship.python.net/crew/theller/py2exe/ win the next program will be compiled into executable Python tool is a program from the Python runtime environment so that the method can also generate Windows service or COM components . Other to complete the Python script to the executable file of this work was also Gordon McMillan's Installer, Linux dedicated freeze and py2app, setuptools so. However, with some modules such tools inevitably there are some compatibility issues, need to measure what is used now.
* Embedded Database: BerkeleyDB version of Python, of course, many others.
* PEAK provide ultra-lightweight threads on a basic framework for an important class library.

Some commonly used tools:

* Http://www.scons.org/ Java has this huge fire Ant building tool, Python's features allow us to update the types of building construction tools that scons was.
* Python Sidebar for Mozilla FireFox as a plug-in, providing one to view the Python documentation, library sidebar.
* IPython good use of the Python Shell. wxPython distribution also comes with PyCrust, PyShell, PyAlaCarte and PyAlaMode several tools, namely the graphical interface and code editor, such as Shell, each with different characteristics can be selected according to their needs.
* Easy Install Quick Install Python modules easy to use solution.

Recommended resources:

* Parnassus mountain vault great Python code base, all-inclusive. Not only can download the code from above for reference, but also with a large list of Python related procedures.
* Python No. famous Star Trek ship Python community, code, documentation, skilled are all here.
* Faqts.com the Python programming Python programming knowledge database, knowledge base, are concerned with the Python programming problems and solutions.
* Woodpecker Pythonic famous open-source community (it can be said is the best) domestic Python open source community.

Code sample:

* Http://newedit.tigris.org/technical.htm Limodou of NewEdit editor of technical manuals, discussed a number of plug-in interface, i18 achieve, wxPython use related problems, it is also useful.

Other things:

* Http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0, ,034-821, 00.html Nokia actually released in Series 60 system running Python program (a graphical interface using wxPython) library, and a Wiki page is on the of: http://www.postneo.com / postwiki/moin.cgi/PythonForSeries60. Python4Symbian this page is my record of experience.
* Pyre: using Python to complete high-performance computing needs of the package, really could do that? Not research.
* Parallel Python: Pure Python's parallel computing solutions. Related Chinese reference page
* Pexpect: Using Python as a shell command-line process control of other tools (such as Linux, the standard ftp, telnet program or something), there is no test available to what extent.
* Pyjamas: Google GWT for Python clone, still in an early version of the stage.
* Durus: Python's object database.

Interesting things:

* Howie: Python implementation of the MSN dialogue with the robot.
* Cankiri: Python script to achieve with a screen recorder.

Reference material

* ZDNET article: Learning Python language resources necessary
* Pythonic Web application platform comparison
* In wxPython for image processing Di experience under (actually, only use wxPython Ye can do a lot of basis of comparison imaging workflow, specifically can refer to "wxPython in Action" a Book of section 12)
* By using the Python win32 extension interfaces get a list of ways the system processes
* How to get the directory location where the Python script
* Python indentation problem
* Py2exe problems encountered in the use of
* Idle issue of Chinese support
* Serialized Python objects stored

Python IDE

My experience of IDE options

* Http://www.xored.com Trustudio an Eclipse-based, Python, and PHP also supports plug-ins, used to be my favorite Python IDE environment are quite wide, but still some details which could hardly be perfect.
* Http://pydev.sourceforge.net/ another Eclipse-based, and very nice Python environment, improve very fast, it is now my favorite IDE.
* Http://www-900.ibm.com/developerWorks/cn/opensource/os-ecant/index.shtml with Eclipse and Ant for Python development
* Http://www.die-offenbachs.de/detlev/eric3.html ERIC3 QT-based implementation of good PYTHON IDE, support debugging, auto-completion support and even support for reconstruction, had to use it under Debian, but Graphical Interface Development for Auxiliary qt, I tend to wxpython, it will ultimately give up this.
* Http://www.scintilla.org/ supports Win and Linux source code editor, seems to support the Python file editing.
* Http://boa-constructor.sourceforge.net/ famous for GUI-based WxPython quickly generate useful Python IDE, but the development schedule is very bad ... ...
* Http://pype.sourceforge.net/ mature Python code editor, called functional range between EMACS and the IDLE editor.
* Http://www.stani.be/python/spe SPE: claims to be a Full Featured Editor, Integrated WxGlade support GUI design.

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