9 free books on Python programming language

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    Data warehouse http://www.itstudyba.com/datum/30/231.html Database performance tuning. Principles and Techniques http://www.itstudyba.com/datum/30/233.html Agile data http://www.itstudyba.com/datum/30/228.html Oracle Database DBA special technical es

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    These are my collection of python books, all pdf's are shared out for your reference study These books are also junior senior, GUI aspects of the book I found only two good small, but also two django All can be downloaded Packt.Publishing.Learning.Web

  • Python program will be packaged into an executable file

    Python programming language is a powerful free and open source general-purpose computer program application language for experienced developers to master a language in its procedures that development is a more important choice. We start today to find out

  • LAMP Web site architecture (reproduced)

    LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) web site structure is the international popular Web framework that includes: Linux OS, Apache Web server, MySQL database, Perl, PHP or Python Programming Language, all components are open source products software is mature st

  • [ZT] Python expected to be the financial language

    Jonathan Allen translator of Li (nasi) was released in at 0:18 on April 28, 2010 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed that most asset-backed securities (Asset Backed Securities, referred to as ABS) to include a downloadable program, &quo ...

  • Saying Python: non-mainstream programming languages

    Python programming language developers widely loved, and was included in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python / Perl / PHP) in. Although it has been for some time led a dynamic language, but the door acclaimed hit comedy programming language bu ...

  • The difference between GPL and BSD license

    Trac today to see the presentation, see this sentence: "Trac Development using Python programming language. In 2005 before, Trac issued by GPL; until the 0.9 version to start using the modified BSD license. Basically a free software license.&quo ...

  • Google App Engine application of Java is not yet mature

    For a long time application development, one of the most common language, Java has already begun to gain the support of cloud computing platform. However, because of new and distributed architecture platforms, such as Google App Engine, developers wo ...

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