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  • Python programming language and Java Performance Comparison 2010-09-15

    Taken from http://developer.51cto.com/art/201003/187962.htm Python programming language currently in use requires continuous learning. Here we have a detailed look at how to better carry out the relevant knowledge. Recently I've been watching a wxPyt

  • Some Python programming article online 2010-09-01

    newthreading - safer concurrency for Python security concurrency (1 response) http://www.starming.com/index.php?action=plugin&v=wave&tpl=union&ac=viewgrouppost&gid=73&tid=7607 Several Google App Engine open source program http://www.st

  • PLisp: Integration in the LISP language Python (1) 2010-04-20

    Looked a little LISP books, suddenly felt, LISP principle is simple. LISP, only one kind of data structure: Symbolic Expression, referred to sexp. Process itself is sexp, processed data is sexp. That is, if you can explain the procedure written with

  • Configuration of the Python programming environment based on VIM 2010-03-17

    1, configuration files in the directory / etc / or / etc / vim / Here, there is a document called the vimrc, which is the system common vim configuration files are valid for all users. In each user's home directory, can build their own private config

  • Python scripting language is very useful 2010-12-25

    Python scripting language ---------------- very useful Today, do not know which nerve short-circuit, even started to pay attention Python. Internet casually looked down a document, think this thing is too practical it! Might be possible to carefully

  • Pyronaridine listing! Ruby programming language 2009-03-01

    Interactive Net Purchase Excellence Amazon purchase [Original title] The Ruby Programming Language Publishing ] [ O'Reilly Media, Inc. [Author] (United States) David Flanagan; Yukihiro Matsumoto Translator [] LIAO Zhi-gang; Zhang Wo [Name] Books O'Re

  • Flying gems: the South American hummingbird and the Ruby programming language 2009-03-05

    <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"> <meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"> <meta name = "Generator" content = " Microsoft Word 12 "> <me

  • The Ruby Programming Language Introduction 2009-05-19

    Click here to download chm part1 Click here to download pdf Click here to download chm part2 Tip: chm version 【Description】 Details of the book Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 versions of the various aspects. Ruby in a brief summary, the book details the following:

  • [Change] javascript: the world's most misunderstood programming language 2010-04-24

    JavaScript, is the world's most popular programming languages. In fact the world's personal computers are installed in each and in active use at least one JavaScript interpreter. JavaScript's popularity is due entirely to his WWW scripting language o

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