6 need to learn the knowledge or skills (b) mind mapping

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MindManager is a knowledge management for the common visualization software, the software feature-rich, easy to use, quick to use, particularly suitable for the creation of mind maps and management. The software is especially beneficial for divergent thinking and brainstorming, so the brain can be recorded ideas and inspiration, innovation and sharing of knowledge. MindManager also many other software such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, etc. associated with the content of the import and export, this feature greatly expands the application range and depth of MindManager.

For example, you have to lecture tomorrow, the first brainstorming, the lecture topics, lecture sub-themes, like the better, then they think, under the theme of re-sort the order of presentation is complete idea about the.

In planning a project or product, when you can think of some ideas in the mind a little bit above the map to add a new theme, rising to organize your thoughts.

Latest version: Mindjet MindManager 9, downloadable cracked version.
The following is a painting I just look like:

6 need to learn the knowledge or skills (b) mind mapping
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