53 CSS-essential skills

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53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn't Live Without
53 CSS-essential skills


CSS is important. And it is being used more and more often. Cascading Style Sheets offer many advantages you don't have in table-layouts - and first of all a strict separation between layout, or design of the page, and the information, presented on the page. Thus the design of pages can be easily changed, just replacing a css-file with another one. Isn't it great? Well, actualy, it is.

CSS is important, it is more widely applied. Cascading Style Sheets offer many advantages you do not form layout, the first page layout, or design and appears in the page information in a strict separation, and thus the design of pages can be easily changed, just a CSS file to replace the other 1. Is not it great? Well, yes, in fact, it is.


Over the last few years web-developers have written many articles about CSS and developed many useful techniques, which can save you a lot of time - of course, if you are able to find them in time. Below you'll find a list of techniques we, as web-architects, really couldn't live without. They are essential and they indeed make our life easier. Let's take a look at 53 CSS-based techniques you should always have ready to hand if you develop web-sites.

In the past few years, Web developers have written many articles about CSS and developed many useful techniques, which can save you a lot of time. Of course, if you have enough time to find them. Below you will find our Web site architects, really indispensable as a list of techniques. They are indeed necessary, they make our lives easier. Let us look at these 53 CSS-based techniques, if you do web development, should always have ready to hand.


Thanks to all developers who contributed to accessible and usable css-based design over the last few years. We really appreciate it. Thanks!

Thanks to all the past few years and available in easy to use CSS-based design to contribute to developers, we really appreciate them! Thank you!

1. CSS Based Navigation / / CSS-based navigation

53 CSS-essential skills

2. Navigation Matrix Reloaded / / navigation block flipping moment

3. CSS Tabs / / CSS tags

4. CSS Bar Graphs / / CSS bar chart

5. Collapsing Tables: Security Example / / compressed form: an example

6. Adam's Radio & Checkbox Customisation Method / / Adam's radio button and check the user method

7. CSS Image Replacement / / CSS image replacement

8. CSS Shadows ( Shadows Roundup CSS ) / / CSS shadow (CSS shadow review)

9. CSS Rounded Corners Roundup ( Nifty Corners ) / / CSS rounded Summary (beautiful corner)

10. Drop Cap-Capital Letters with CSS / / CSS to achieve with the first letter of sinking

11. Define Image Opacity with CSS / / semi-transparent image with CSS definitions

12. How to Create a Block Hover Effect List of Links for a / / list of links on how to create a Block Hover Effect

13. Pullquotes with CSS ( Automatic Pullquotes with JavaScript and CSS ) / / using CSS to achieve reference (using JavaScript and CSS automatically reference)

14. CSS Diagrams / / CSS Chart

15. CSS Curves / / CSS curve

16. Footer Stick allows for the Footer of a Web page to appear either at the bottom of the Browser window or the bottom of the Web page content - Whichever is visually lowest.

Footer Stickallows footer of a Web page displayed in the bottom of the browser window or web page content of the actual bottom of the bottom one.

17. CSS Image Map / / CSS image map

18. CSS Image Pop-Up / / CSS image popup

19. CSS Image Preloader / / CSS image preload

20. CSS Image Replacement for Buttons / / CSS Image Replacement for Buttons

21. Link Thumbnail / / link thumbnail

22. CSS Map Pop / / CSS Map Tips

23. PHP-based CSS Style Switcher / / PHP-based CSS style changes

24. CSS Unordered List Calendar ( CSS Styled Calendar ) / / CSS unordered list Calendar (CSS Styled Calendar)

25. CSS-Based Forms: Techniques / / CSS-Based Forms: Techniques

26. CSS-Based Tables: Techniques / / CSS-based forms: skills

27. Printing Web-Documents and CSS / / print the web document and the CSS

28. Links-Display for Improved Print-Layouts with CSS / / print the layout using CSS links improved display

29. CSS-Submit Buttons / / CSS submit button

30. CSS Teaser Box / / CSS summary box

31. CSS Tricks for Custom Bullets / / For the definition of a list of CSS style tips

32. ticked Off Links Reloaded / / flip the link marked with the notation

33. CSS Zooming / / CSS Zoom

34. Creating a Star Rater using CSS / / use CSS to create a star rating

35. The ways to Style visited Links / / method to style visited links

36. PDF, ZIP, DOC Links Labeling / / PDF, ZIP, DOC mark link

37. Displaying Usage Rates with CSS / / Display the percentage with CSS

38. Text Wrap Image Floats without the / / text is not surrounded by the floating image

39. Let visitors decide, whether or not will they Open link in a new window / / Let visitors decide whether it will open link in new window

40. Simple accessible external Links / / simple to use external links

41. Zebra Table with JavaScript and CSS / / JavaScript and CSS with multi stripe form

42. Vertical Centering with CSS ( Horizontal and Vertical Centering with CSS ) / / Vertical Centering with CSS (using CSS to achieve horizontal and vertical center)

43. unobtrusive Sidenotes / / not noticeable marginal notes

44. Image Caption with CSS ( Styled with Caption Images ) / / use CSS for image description (designed for images with explanation)

45. Dynamic PieChart with CSS / / dynamic pie with CSS

46. Format Footnotes with CSS / / layout using CSS to achieve the footnote

47. Hierarchical Sitemap with CSS / / use CSS to achieve a ranking of the site map

48. Snook's Resizable Underlines / / Shi Luke's can change the size of the underscore

49. Switchy McLayout: Security Adaptive Layout Technique / / Mark the layout change: an adaptive layout skills

50. StyleMap: CSS + HTML Visual Sitemap / / styles Map: CSS + HTML site map visualization

51. Custom Reading Width / / Width of the custom to read

52. CSS Alert Message / / CSS reminder

53. CSS Production Notes / / CSS Product Notes

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Original Address: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/01/19/53-css-techniques-you-couldnt-live-without/
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