45 freshly jQuery plug-in

Before you introduced more than 50 powerful jQuery plug-in , but bear with jQuery's popularity, more and more plug-ins quickly come up. This paper collected for you 45 new jQuery plugin to see, what is you want to apply to your web page design?

Image slide show and gallery plug-in

1) Galleria - This is written in javascript using jQuery Image Gallery Plugin. Before Palladio has done introduction .

2) jQuery Multimedia Portfolio - supports multiple multimedia formats including: images, video (flv), audio (mp3), and automatically detect the extension of each file separately and then call the appropriate player.

3) wSlide - list by list box in the content area to switch animation.

Tag Cloud

4) Hover Sub Tags - to use jQuery to reduce the tag cloud page into account, such as you have an "Ajax" label, the label which you can then add two labels jquery, mootools, etc ... When the mice suspended in a label, the effect on the emergence of a dynamic prompt secondary tag cloud.

Paging system

5) Pagination - to create a paging navigation, and when your Web content such as many as more suitable for use Zhezhong page navigation system is also beneficial to SEO. This page written using jQuery navigation feature is that you can combine it with search and control the number of search results display the article.

Navigation System

6) Accordion Menu - This is an accordion effect of the presentation, entitled to use H3 tags, sub-menus using the UL tag to achieve flexibility.

7) jQuery Treeview Plugin

8) Coda-Slider - a powerful jQuery sliding doors technique, the effect smooth, cool. Support page up and down control.

9) Simple Horizontal Accordion

Form and grid

10) TableRowCheckboxToggle - it is generally joined the switching function to any table rows you specify based on the CSS class name. It will by default check box to switch any of the watch.

11) TableEditor - TableEditor provides flexible real-time editing of HTML tables.

12) Ingrid - Ingrid is a character jquery plug-ins, you can add a lot of grid data, the chart acts, including size, paging, sorting, row column shape, and more.


13) jQuery Nice Form - Create a custom form style event.

14) Easy Multi Select Transfer Option menu bar to select another option after the results arrive.

15) jQuery Form Plugin - allows you to easily upgrade HTML forms to use the natural form and submit Ajax way, to facilitate elements from the collection of information from the form and decide how to manage the submission process, so you can have the data to be submitted full control over.

Rolling and sliding techniques

16) jQuery.SerialScroll - This plugin allows you to easily implement any elements of animation followed by a series of rolling. You can use it as a slider, wheel text, slides, news and stocks.

17) liScroll - LiScroll is a jQuery plugin that allows you to convert any unordered list of the contents of a scrolling display.

18) Spinner - allows you to in a fixed area in an unlimited number of additions to the rolling style show.

Form events

19) jWYSIWYG an embedded WYSIWYG HTML Web page text editor plug-in.

20) Simple chained ComboBox - jquery option of a simple plug-in, through the processing and return characteristics of JSON to provide a chain reaction type of multiple choice.

21) jQuery checkbox

22) jGrow


23) jTruncate in Action -jtruncate can custom cut your page text entities.

24) toggleElements - toggleElementS is a start / hide the effects of jqurey plug-ins.

Gradient and shadow

25) Drop Shadows - This plugin can generate a text for your very interesting shadows.

26) Gradient jQuery plugin - to achieve gradient effects, you can set the direction of the gradient and transparency values.

27) Gradient - so you have a dynamic background gradient effect, do not use any pictures.

Lightbox Lightbox effect

28) Facebox based on jQuery, Facebook-style lightbox lightbox plug-in, you can display pictures, DIV layers, and the article page, etc..

29) jQuery Lightbox Plugin - (balupton edition)

Color picker

30) jQueryColorPicker - a simple jquery color picker plugin that allows users to select the color plate to achieve the background color of the color switch.

Try some of the jQuery plug-in is worth

31) Animated InnerFade - full compliance with w3c standards slide animation plug-ins.

32) Easy POP Show 1.0 Release - full screen display of the gallery plug-in.

33) jqChart - Ajax chart plug-in

34) UI DatePicker - A simple jQuery UI date picker.

35) JSmile - a completely custom plug-ins to add specific emoticons.

36) ImgAreaSelect - imgAreaSelect is a jQuery plugin that allows you to select a picture in a rectangle, and can list coordinates.

37) jPrintArea -jPrintArea is a simple, used to print the specified text. View Demo DEMO

38) jTabber - A Tab tab switching, no need to reload page

39) jQuery Calculation Plug-in - a calculation class plug-in. Allows you to calculate some simple or complex mathematical formulas.

40) jquery.biggerlink - jQuery plugin that allows you to specify a link to add into the link after the online agent.

41) Humanized Messages - displayed on your web page content information of a semi-transparent, but when the user has any operation, it will gradually disappear.

42) Ajax Manager helps you manage your AJAX requests and responses (for example, give up the request, lock requests, sorted by request, etc.).

43) Background-Position Animation

44) Lazyload -Delays Loading of Images in (long) Web pages. Images below the fold (the ones lower than bottom window) are not loaded. When scrolling down they are loaded when needed. Check out their Demo page

45) jQuery Tag Suggestion - The same tag suggesting as-you-type Support that del.icio.us is uses. Check out their Demo page

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