26 questions to answer written algorithm

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Note: Some slight changes


To an integer into an array after reverse (required recursion)

package org.stack_queue;
public class Algorithm {

        //  Will a integer reverse in an array  ( Requires recursive implementation  )
        public void reverse(StringBuffer result, int num) {
                if (num != 0) {
                        result.append(num % 10);
                        reverse(result, num / 10);

        public static void main(String[] args) {
                StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer();
                new Algorithm().reverse(result, 1024);



] Recursive palindrome judgments (such as: abcdedbca is palindromic, the interviewer to judge a simple understanding of the recursive procedure)

package org.stack_queue;
public class Algorithm {

         *  Recursive implementation Palindrome judgment  ( If  :abcdedbca It is a Palindrome, interviewer on recursive understand the simple program  )
         * @param str
         *             To determine whether the string  
         * @param begin
         *            0
         * @param end
         *             The length of a string  
         * @return
        public static boolean isPalindrome(char[] str, int begin, int end) {
                if (end <= 1)
                        return true;
                if (str[begin] == str[end]) {
                        return isPalindrome(str, begin + 1, end - 1);
                } else
                        return false;

        public static void main(String[] args) {
                char[] str = new String("abcdedbca").toCharArray();
                System.out.println(Algorithm.isPalindrome(str, 0, str.length - 1));
                char[] str2 = new String("acbca").toCharArray();
                System.out.println(Algorithm.isPalindrome(str2, 0, str2.length - 1));

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