2010-05-24 development of small-sum

1: write code today, a small problem, vomiting blood of my developing faster. We are usually in the database to obtain the records, the first records of the field values into hashMap, the cycle, with a sign to separate, spread to prospects, the prospects of using this symbol divided into an array, remove the value. I use this symbol is ";" semicolon. In the foreground, the amount of data more than one, not normal. No error, very strange. I debug a long time, alert for a long time. Finally found a record of proceedings will not run anymore. So to see if the problem is the data and found that the data no problem. Finally discovered that there is a field ";." Halo, so I split points out in the foreground with the value of the error, and naturally I want to take less than the value. Changed to "$" symbol on the general not normal. Here to remind me, in addition to debug using alert my js, but also know that try () catch (e) (e.getMessage ()). Because of this situation like me, is program does not perform anymore, no error, so I have to take the initiative to catch up, to see why.

2: Also found: though written so long java, but the real code has been used in the writing surface as the object of thought to write java and js, or very little. Today ags construction of a module, write js like from the surface when the object has been to write. Found a very superficial understanding of many areas. The night before, read "learning-object-c-on mac" English version of the previous chapters, and more Caidui for object-oriented process to a deeper understanding.

Of course, made a more than write a module for one day. But we can learn the Tingzhi as "reconstructed" the book said, the reconstruction of those fat fees are worth it. Also feels that this feeling will not write code every day doing the same thing, only on the writing process a more profound understanding will be more interested. I would like to work in future also be so, and continually reconstructed in the development, modification and improvement. From the long-term point of view, these are worth it, and in order to genuinely improve their own. Also, find, read English books, and slowly chew it well inside the discourse, experience to understand, really important. Reading, much that is important. However, I read books much. People getting lazy: (after the note!

3: Now work with win7, work with a mac. Really good. win7 really cool used more than xp, and not that other people see all kind of font on win7 comfortable. Made a few weeks before installation mac, finally it installed, then you can do iphone development then:) not more than that in their own hands, you grasp it.

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