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Not fully cover the tightly the light curtain, revealed Xi-wei, I opened my eyes after the first thing is to find my wife in bed Gong Purple song.
I have been to my Father of the Bride to heart, because my wife of this so-called purple Gong Song name, how how sounds are called "son of the brother." Unexpectedly, my wife Gong Purple songs on my face contempt, and her chin is obviously beyond my nose, the sound came out of her mouth has become a poem:
"Autumn Pond cold night, disperse the Trapa natans Dutch ruby shadow.
Liao Hua Ling Ye numerous unhappy, heavy cream fan pressure fiber exposed stems.
Do not knock chess all day and never hear the sound of little sewage sludge Yan chessboard.
An old friend farewell pity, I state this as brotherhood! "
I blinked a pair of small eyes, some up on things I do not know, looking at her brain, the answer seems like printed on her lips. She said: "Jia sincerity, you've heard this poem it?"
I have some guilty, said: "No, no ... ..."
"Then I tell you, this poem's title is" Purple Ling Chau Song ", is yu made."
"Oh, Oh, is brother Jia ah, no wonder some familiar listen." I hastened to cover up their ignorance. Very often, I like and some unfamiliar people or things cotton, so at least you can see my approachable.
"Then, why do you know gem brother of this poem?"
"Want to hear you say." I respectfully face.
"Jia She intends to marry Sunshao Zu Spring Festival ... ... this time, Spring Festival has been out of the herald, not window-married, because unexpected fortune, so sent this gem lament."
"So ... ... this and your name has anything to do with it?"
"You idiot! What was the name of this poem?" Purple Ling Chau song "ah, known song Why not purple?"
My mouth slightly open, watching my wife Gong Purple song, they would understand the character in front of me had some history there are so many.

Before that, we spent a romantic evening. You may understand what I said. Every night, I like their songs Gong purple get a book, a show on the dim lamp Aspect words, have fun time, also read aloud to each other. Gong Zi favorite songs to listen to the Hsu LiuXiaoMan written love letters, over and over again, and, let me recite the tone of deep feeling. Our third grade son Lele also affected by the good family atmosphere, passion for learning. However, very often, in order to avoid disturbing him, we will let him stay in his son off the small room, "Paradise", and our bedroom doorway, wearing "Jia" word.
Reading tired, I will plead "Little Teresa" His wife called Gong presented a Purple song for me, "I only care about you." Undeniably, Gong Purple song beautiful and gentle and pleasant. She got up from the bed, shaking my ears first, then pick up the TV remote control as the microphone, Zuiyan dim for intoxicated like to sing: "If you have not met you, I would still her parents in ... ..."
Men need sex to corrosion, as well as gourmet merlot, which are irresistible. Frankly, listening to the decadent music, I was good enough. While listening, and think: Yes, ah, if not my sincere Jia, Zi Gong song she now here? In her family it is in the affirmative! Is certainly a practice into a super fine woman left.
However, last night, when I proposed to hear "I only care about you," this small request, Gong Purple song almond eyes open wide, said: "Why? Jia sincere! You simply just want to be a kind of I can not live without you of abnormal psychology to meet it! do not expect that! young girl busking tonight I do not bondage! sleep! "finished off my pajamas off the lamp to impinge upon, I feel a black eyes, thinking, flew into a stalemate.
Gong Purple song most like to eat a cold dish is garlic shoot Laba, God! The sense of smell shoot only medicine I had enough of the subject, but also to an enhanced version of "Laba garlic", it has not killed me! Gong Purple song when I desperately hiding her body under the fragrant smell lips, she stubbornly hold on my shoulder, and then, an atmosphere of blowing the Laba garlic surrounded me. Soon as I scream, fainted.
I suddenly remembered the pillow under the mask, this is a good idea. The dark, I groped my way to wear masks, and then let the ravages of Gong Purple song. Wear a mask in bed instead of condoms, do not know if this is a sad thing, for me this thin frail man, men,.
The door came the knock at the door: "Mom and Dad, how they fight now? To solidarity ah!" Is the son of Lele.
Zi Gong Song said: "Sleep, Lele, adults do, children do not blend!"

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