oracle assign permissions to a user to another user

In plsql command window, type in the ed, enter the following code block, and then click OK, enter "/" ENTER to proceed. DECLARE p_grantee VARCHAR2 (30) := 'username'; BEGIN FOR rec IN (SELECT object_name, object_type , DECODE (object_type ,

Detailed install linux on mysql5.5.8

MySQL5.5 source installation are different and the previous 5.x, 5.x use autotool compile, compile using CMake version 5.5 1.1. Cmake install Download the source package, install cmake and installati

SQL1397N, not landing db2 service

Start the db2 instance, db2start prompt "SQL1397N, not landing db2 service"; db2admin start, the prompt "SQL4412N db2 user account management server login is invalid" Manually start the service inside the db2 service, prompt


Difference: 1. CHAR is fixed length, while the VARCHAR2 length can vary, for example, store the string "abc", for CHAR (20), that you stored the characters will account for 20 bytes (including 17 null characters), The same VARCHAR2 (20) onl

EJB3 + JBOSS6 + MySQL JBossResourceException: Could not create connection

EJB3 is developed, JBoss to connect to MySQL database appear 09:40:30,890 WARN [org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.JBossManagedConnectionPool] Throwable while attempting to get a new connection: null: org.jboss.resource.JBossResourceException: Coul

sybase stored procedures in the use of the basic variables

@ @ Rowcount: This variable records the number of records affected by the last operation, including insert, you can determine if it is not> 0 @ @ Error, @ @ sqlstatus Using an insert statement in a stored procedure executed successfully implement

sybase stored procedure call method written and java

1, no return parameters create procedure test (@ a int, @ b int) as begin insert into tbl_test (a, b) values ​​(@ a, @ b) end -------- Call the method: test (1) or exec "test (1)" 2, the return parameter create procedure test2 (@ a int, @ b

Write sql statement notes

1, poorly written using bind variables: select * from basetab where msisdn = '13800138000 ' The correct wording: select * from basetab where msisdn =: 1 Using preparedstatement in jdbc 2, do not frequently commit Not the right way: insert int

Oracle on how to quickly clear the data in the table

In oracle, for the large amount of data in the database in the delete, it is very slow speed. In fact, there is another way to delete data, is that you can use truncate to delete data in the table. However, this method is deleted, although the speed

ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition

Today in oracle import data to the table, the error: Policy information into DOCLIST table error, ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition The partition table field by branch: partition p01 values ​​('001 '), partition

Note 2 write sql statement

1, there is an expression of the field can not use an index of bad habits: select * from mydata where 100> salary Select * from mydate where salary +1> 100; Good habits: select * from mydata where salary <100 2, to avoid the word index value

Oracle SQL to find, delete duplicate lines, there are updates, if any, into the

Sql code MERGE INTO CRPROPTREND T1 USING DUAL T2 ON (T1.URIMD5 = "abc") WHEN MATCHED THEN INSERT VALUES (...) WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET ...; Sql code - This query is not editable, but generally faster Select URIMD5, count (*) from RU

Oracle Database List of list of commonly used functions

PL / SQL functions and group functions Detailed single Function is a zero or more parameters and a return value of the program. In a series of SQL, Oracle built-in functions that can be called SQL or PL / SQL statements, functions, divided into two c

mysql handler with the select performance ratio of

mysql> create table test(id int AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL,value varchar(100) NOT NULL); Description: ''' import random from time import time import oursql class handler: def __init__(self): pass def build_conn(self): self.conn = oursql.c

oracle procedure Permissions

Today, when performed during the procedure, using a PL / SQL tool in the test, debug methods of execution, because there are input parameters, but reported an error: "Note: debugging requires the debug connect session system privilege". The

mysql handler operation

HANDLER tbl_name OPEN [ [AS] alias] HANDLER tbl_name READ index_name { = | <= | >= | < | > } (value1,value2,...) [ WHERE where_condition ] [LIMIT ... ] HANDLER tbl_name READ index_name { FIRST | NEXT | PREV | LAST } [ WHERE where_conditio

MySQL database server core arguments detailed and recommended configuration

Sample text: transaction-isolation and binlog-format u transaction-isolation For setting the value: READ-UNCOMMITTED, READ-COMMITTED, REPEATABLE-READ, SERIALIZABLE, the default value: REPEATABLE-READ, transaction isolation level is set up, registrati

Oracle Database hot standby server operating real

Oracle Corporation is the world's largest information management software and services provider, established in 1977, is headquartered in California, USA Redwood shore. 2000 fiscal year (June 1999 to May 2000) turnover of $ 10.1 billion, another

Redhat Linux5 install the Oracle 11g database

The latest version of Oracle 11g R2 version is, many online installation instructions are 9i or 10g, and I introduced RHEL5.5 installed in accordance with Oracle 11gR2 is always a problem, then see the official document describes the CD's doc dir

sql2005 data import and export

EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1 RECONFIGURE GO EXEC sp_configure 'xp_cmdshell', 1 RECONFIGURE GO EXEC sp_configure 'Ad Hoc Distributed Queries', 1 RECONFIGURE GO - Export data from sql server to excel - Exec maste

oracle Database Management - Database backup and import users and

Each oracle database should have at least one database administrator (dba), for a small database, a dba enough, but for a large database may take many different dba assume management responsibilities were (1) the database administrator (dba) responsi

Apache's Options arguments detailed

Directive controls which will be used in a particular directory server features. Options property has a very special feature: If you do not use "+" or "-" to increase or decrease a function of time, before the definition of each o

Oracle in hibernate to achieve the automatic growth

According to the hibernate documentation, there are two ways to achieve the entity object's primary key auto-growth. The first: the growth strategy is to set the ID sequence, while the name of the specified sequence, it is best to build a table f

Automatic backup of MySQL under linux tools - Second Edition

Automatic backup of MySQL under linux tools - Second Edition Second Edition program on the basis of the first edition made perfect. Including custom database host and backup paths, support for backing up multiple databases, regardless of how many dat

import and export excel

import and export excel

Oracle cursor using Daquan (transfer)

We will discuss a variety of used to access the ORACLE database DDL and TCL statement. Inquiry SELECT statement is used to query data from the database, when the PL / SQL using the SELECT statement, to be used in conjunction with the INTO clause, the

sybase_isql order to collect

30, startserver-f servername ---- start sybase database service 31, which isql ---- isql view 32, isql-Usa-Plonton-Spc109 ---- into the isql 33, isql-Usa-Plonton-i (input file) / opt / sybase / spamms.sql-o (out file) / opt/sybase/sybaselog.log---- e

oracle resource discovery

oracle resource discovery select * from all_source where upper(text) like '%ASR ALERT%'; select * from all_source where lower(text) like '%asr alert%';

mysql "Communications link failure due to underlying exception" problem

MySQL default idle wait time is 8 hours, if idle for more than 8 hours, it will throw "Communications link failure due to underlying exception" exception, modify / etc / my.cnf (windows under the my.ini), the timeout is set to 30 days, in [

java to get the real client IP (reproduced)

ORIGINAL: We often want to write code to access the page recorded the source page address and the user's access to IP, it will use the following content. js method to obtain the source page address: var url

sql server the query from one table to another table of records into the

Table has marked sql server 2k set IDENTITY_INSERT copylogtemplates ON insert into copylogtemplates (ID, RIGHT_VALUE, LOG_TEMPLATE) select ID, RIGHT_VALUE, LOG_TEMPLATE from logtemplates There are two ways to sql server 2005 insert into copylogtempla

USB to RS232 converters four recommended

Interfaces and communication protocols has been widely used in computer serial communications, RS232 engaged in application development professionals have been the traditional RS232 serial interface, showing more and more dissatisfied. In industrial

MySQL's default character set encoding

MySQL's default encoding is Latin1, does not support Chinese, then how to modify MySQL's default encoding it, following the UTF-8 as an example to illustrate the need for attention is very much a place to change, corresponding changes are als

hibernate primary key generation strategy (generator) Detailed

identity: the identifier generated by the underlying database. identity is generated by the database itself, but the primary key must be set to self-growth, low-level database support is a prerequisite for growth of field types automatically incremen

oracle is the first implementation of packet, and then execute the query ....

select * from t_test t1 group by t1.col_1 oracle is the first implementation of packet, and then execute the query. . . .

Common SQL Collection ---- Oracle continuously updated ......

- 1) Primary table create table T_FRANK ( T_NO NUMBER not null, T_NAME NUMBER ) tablespace STAGING_TEST2_DATA pctfree 10 pctused 40 initrans 1 maxtrans 255 storage ( initial 1M minextents 1 maxextents unlimited ); - 2) add PK for table T_FRANK alter

oracle main document

mybatis Although foreign key in the query field, but the primary key table field is not necessary to JOIN query

mybatis Although foreign key in the query field, but the primary key table field is not necessary to JOIN query sql statement <!-- According to the user ID query one man's treasure --> <select parameterType="string" resultMap="huntTreasureLo

Flash mobile development of a good book Android & IOS

Although this book is the English original, but a lot of code and illustrations, is a full-color illustrations Oh. Basically you can read, if necessary, or see it. Focal.Press.Flash.Mobile.Developing.Android.and.iOS.Applications.Mar.2011.rar

Line interface built using httpclient call data for the empty return address

The bank's paid to do the query interface, when using httpclient query, use getMethod assembled the correct data, executeMethod, return the statusCode of 200, indicating the call has been normal, but the data returned is empty, Whether it is html

SQL query of a field id is empty (not empty)

1 sql query id of a field is empty select * from table where id is null; 2 sql query id of a field is not empty select * from table where id is not null; Or select * from table where id <> null; / / select * from table where len (id)> 1; / /

Typical cursor for loop

Cursor for loop cursor display shows a quick use, it uses a for loop in order to read the result set of rows of data, when the cycle began to form, the cursor automatically open (not open), each cycle of a system to automatically read the current cur

Download the official address of the major fast index database

Announced major new official website address database, the convenience of our DBA friends quickly download. Download the Oracle database: Oracle Database 11g Release2 Oracle Database 10g Release2 Download the MySQL database: MySQL Database 5.5 MySQL

Can not online redefine table with materialized views

9i provides a method of online redefine a table that lets you basically do not affect the original table in the DML to modify the table structure. In fact, online table redefinition is not entirely online redefinition, Exchange in the final table wil

Automatic backup of MySQL under linux script - first edition

Wrote a backup script mysql under linux this is the first version, only support a database backup every day 14:00 to run this script with a timer to automatically back up a bit. Follow-up will do to support multiple database backup, backup failure me

en exception to solve

DEBUG NewPooledConnection: 294 - A Throwable occurred while trying to reset the typeMap property of our Connection to Collections.EMPTY_MAP

redhat linux environment to build javaweb application, the problem of switching time zones

Here is the log above the interceptor: 2011-10-25 23:37:29 ERROR SystemInterceptor.intercept (54): After setting the time zone interceptor: Asia / Shanghai time: Tue Oct 25 23:37:29 CST 2011 2011-10-25 23:37:29 ERROR SystemInterceptor.intercept (50):

<Pro Oracle SQL> - Chapter 6 - 6.2 Execute Plans - The third

Identifying SQL Statements for Later Plan Retrieval labeled SQL statement after the plan to facilitate retrieval (page 171) If you want to retrieve a statement that was executed in the past, you can retrieve the SQL_ID and CHILD_NUMBER from V $ SQL a

MySQL can not be found. Myd file problem

Reprinted from: Morning the MySQL test data written into the 240 000 in the afternoon to find the database file is not found, only to find a size of only 9K. Frm file, but frm file is not a database fil

Sql questions face the classic collection

Sql common interview questions (summary) 1 queries the SQL statement with a greater than 80 points for each course the names of students name kecheng fenshu Joe Smith 81 Languages Joe Smith Math 75 John Doe 76 Languages John Doe Mathematics 90 81 Wan
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